Thursday, December 3, 2020

Lingerie Accessories Ideas you're going to love

While sexy lingerie is always a great way to add some spice in your sex life, combining your sexiest garments with some naughty accessories makes things even better. These accessories offer a more subtle erotic addition to your bedroom activities, making them a great starting point for couples looking to explore beyond the standard vanilla sex.

Just a single sexy accessory can transform your sex life, adding a completely new dimension that brings all kinds of weird and wonderful pleasures. This makes buying an accessory a great way to bring a spark back to a relationship, while it can also be a fun idea for a treat for your partner for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

Of course, with so many sexy accessories to choose from, finding the best one for your needs can be difficult. To make the process easier we have a few recommendations for the best sexy lingerie accessories to try out!

Nipple Pasties - Perfect Accessories for a Risqué Look

Sexy Nipple Pasties

Simple yet effective, nipple pasties are awesome lingerie accessories that are sure to be well-received. As the name suggests, nipple pasties are placed just over the nipples, exposing the rest of the breasts while keeping the areolas hidden from view.

These produce an irresistible look and are so simple to use, with most being self-adhesive so you simply stick them over the nipples and you are good to go! Of course, they do work great when paired with other lingerie items.

For example, combining with an open-cup bra creates a daring and teasing look that sets pulses racing, while you may want to forgo the bra entirely and wear a sheer or mesh top - this creates an especially raunchy look for clubbing!

Colours and materials used for pasties vary, so it is easy to find the right ones that suit your preferences. There are common styles available, with flirty images like hearts, flowers, and stars a popular design, while you will find some that encrusted with diamantes or glitter for added cuteness.

You can go for class all-black pasties, some of which are basically black tape over the nipples, while there are many that come with tassels to evoke the classic burlesque look. Speaking of burlesque, if you want to go for the complete striptease style you can pair pasties with a corset, gloves, stockings, and your highest heels!


Eye masks - A Simple but Sensual Addition to the Bedroom

Sexy Lace Mask Accessory

For those seeking to add some new experiences into their sexual adventures, we recommend trying out a sexy eye mask. These are not just designed for a good night’s sleep, with eye masks and blindfolds being a great place to dabble in some mild bondage and other kinky fun in the bedroom.

The big appeal of using an eye mask during sex and foreplay is sensory play. Basically, because your vision is impaired, your senses become much more heightened, making things like caressing, kissing, tickling, and spanking even more intense.

If you are being tied up, everything just feels more intense and exciting, the anticipation of wanting more but not knowing when it is coming being incredibly arousing. The person not wearing the mask also gets to enjoy teasing and pleasuring their partner, helping to build towards a massive climax while simultaneously keeping them guessing.

You can pair these accessories with others too, such as some mild restraints for tying each other up while blindfolded. This adds even more intensity to the experience, being especially good for foreplay and building towards some seriously amazing sex.

Available in various materials, eye masks are often made from soft and sumptuous fabrics like satin or silk, with popular colours including black and red for that seductive look. A good blindfold can be purchased for little price and will add all sorts of fun into the bedroom!


Restraints - Dip Your Toes into the World of Bondage

Bondage set

Ties, rope, handcuffs - there are all kinds of kinky restraints available for those seeking to add some kinkiness to their bedroom fun. Bondage is one of the more beginner-friendly subcultures of BDSM, with most people finding the idea of being bound or restraining a partner incredibly arousing.

As mentioned, there is a nice selection of products for this, with cuffs, rope, and soft ties all popular options. They are user-friendly, allowing for some basic bondage moves like hands tied behind the back or restrained to the bed posts, allowing for all kinds of naughty fun.

The big appeal of bondage is the power dynamic, with one person becoming dominate while the other is submissive. Each role can be a huge turn on for people, with many couples enjoying swapping between the roles for the complete bondage experience.

This is a sure-fire way to add a new element to your sex lives, opening you both up to an entire new world of kinky experiences. As with all the accessories we recommend, restraints pair well with other accessories, with eye masks being a popular combination.

Restraints can be used gently too, which is recommended for beginners, allowing you to experience mild bondage without things getting too intense or unsafe. Of course, if you like what you feel then you can take things up a level the more you use the restraints.

Before you do, always make sure to talk openly with your partner. Bondage is fun but requires both people to be clear about what they want and how to keep things safe.

If you are looking to add something new to your sex life, then look no further than some sexy accessories. These are great for beginners wanting to explore more aspects of their sexuality without feeling too intimidating, while they are guaranteed to result in some unforgettable nights in!


Monday, November 30, 2020

Seductive and Glamorous Satin Robes - Turning heads

There are fewer materials better suited for nightwear than satin. Soft, sensual, and luxurious, satin is the perfect choice for all your favourite nightwear pieces from cute pyjamas to naughty negligees to gorgeous robes.

In fact, if you are looking to buy a new dressing gown for yourself or someone else, we highly recommend considering one made from satin. The way the material glides across the skin makes it incredibly comfortable, which is always something you want from a dressing gown, while the sheer versatility of a satin robe makes it easy to find a product that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Plus, there is a satin robe for virtually any occasion! Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a nice robe for lazing at home, looking for something sensual to impress your lover, or are having a pyjama party with your friends, there is a great satin dressing gown for everyone!

Why we love the Satin Robe

One of the main reasons we are so high on satin robes is just how beautiful they rest on the body. Suitable for any body shape or type, satin lightly caresses the skin while lightly draping down, highlighting your curves in all the right ways.

When you feel as comfortable as you do in this type of robe, you naturally feel sexier. Being comfortable in your nightwear is essential to feeling sexy, making a satin robe a welcome addition to any lingerie collection.

The varied styles also allow you to create the desired aesthetic! Full length robes offer something of a tease, inviting your partner to unwrap you like a gift, mid-length robes show just enough to set pulses racing, while sleeve lengths can also vary to create unique styles.

You may find certain details appealing, such as a luxurious lace or exotic feather trims, while features like ¾ sleeves give a distinct oriental feel, evoking the timeless kimono style (one of the most popular styes of satin robe in the world!)

These styles can also be paired with other garments to suit your needs. Do you want to look your seductive best for a partner? Then pair your satin robe with sexy lingerie for a look that won’t be long forgotten!

Perhaps you want to pamper yourself with a home spa day or enjoy some bubbly in style, in which case combine your robe with equally sensual nightwear for the ultimate night in! No matter your desires or the occasion, you cannot go wrong with a satin robe!

Beyond how great a satin robe looks and feels, we need to mention just how great a quality the material itself is. Satin is not just comfortable but also durable, while most that are made from polyester fibres retain all the softness of natural silk satin but without the high price.

Satin was traditionally made from silk fibres, which while incredibly soft and comfortable were also expensive to produce, which is why we love modern satin robes so much - they offer the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

While strong and durable, satin is susceptible to snagging on sharp objects, so it is best to leave off the jewellery when wearing one. The last thing you want is for a snag to ruin your gorgeous garment, so be extra careful!

Sexy Robes

Reasons to Buy a Satin Robe

Not sure whether a satin robe is the right buy for you? Check out some reasons why you may want to buy one!

A Great Gift

Stuck on ideas for gifts to get a friend or partner? Then look no further than a satin robe! These are awesome gifts, whether for Christmas, birthdays, or just as a gift to yourself! If you are buying sexy lingerie for a partner, a satin robe is a less obvious choice but one that is sure to go down well.

A Timeless Style

The glamorous style of the satin night-robe is timeless. From golden age Hollywood actresses to the first pin-up models, satin robes have long been associated with glamour and beauty, and we guarantee you will look just as good as anyone in it!

Suitable for Any Body Type

Another big advantage of satin robes is how they work well with virtually any body type. Varying lengths allow you to get the right one for your shape, while the clinched waist style looks good on any body type.

Endless Styling Opportunities

You really can style a satin robe in countless ways. From sexy nights in the bedroom to chill weekends on the couch, you can use the robe in various ways depending on your preferences, with the robe pairing nicely with all kinds of lingerie.

Selection of sexy robes

Tips for Choosing the Right Satin Robe

If you are thinking of getting a satin robe for yourself or a loved one, here are some tips for finding the best product:

Consider the Purpose

Before choosing a night gown it helps to consider what it is being used for. These are versatile garments so can be used in various ways, which is why it helps to consider the main purpose - is this an item for daily use or special occasions?

Choose Something Practical Everyday Robes

When choosing an item for day-to-day use, always look for something that is practical. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style, as many practical gowns look great too. The most common feature to look for in this regard is good ties.

Look for a thick waist tie and preferably an internal tie, as these help keep the robe secure and avoid any accidental openings - the last thing you want for your everyday robe! Consider the width of the sleeves too, as anything too wide can often be impractical around the house.

Forget Practicality for a Seductive Robe

If you want a sexy and seductive robe for fun times in the bedroom, then forget everything we just said about practicality! Style is the focus here, so choose something of an appropriate colour, design, and length.

There is no right or wrong answer here, just choose whatever you find sexy and attractive. If choosing for a partner, try looking at her clothes and lingerie for an idea of colours and styles she may like.

Part Satin Robes are Another Option

Not everyone enjoys a full satin robe, in which case you may want to choose something with partial satin detail. Satin pairs nicely with sheer and mesh fabrics, especially for sexy lingerie and nightwear, so consider looking at garments that feature satin trim around the sleeves, hems, and waist tie.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Role-play Ideas you Need to Try

There are fewer things more tantalising than a bit of sexy role-playing. Taking on an entire new persona and living out your biggest fantasies through this character are some of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom, with sexy costumes and roleplaying being a favourite of many couples.

After all, when you start playing more of a role in the bedroom, things take a completely new perspective, adding an enticing eroticism that can seriously up the ante when it comes to your sex life.

Whether you are looking to inject some new passion into a long-term relationship or just want to live your wildest fantasies with a new lover, roleplaying is something that everyone should be trying out more!

Of course, doing so for the first time is rather daunting, which is why it is a good idea to try some of the more popular roleplaying ideas to get the ball rolling. While dressing up in a sexy outfit is not necessary for role play in the bedroom, we guarantee it makes things even better, so check out five our favourites below!


Naughty Nurse

An all-time roleplaying classic, the naughty nurse outfit typically combines red and white fabrics into a slinky little number that will drive a lucky patient wild with anticipation. Most of our outfits have a plunging neckline and short length that leave little to the imagination while still teasing.

There are usually some fun accessories with the outfit, like the classic nurse’s hat, stockings, suspenders, and maybe even a stethoscope! No matter what is included, this outfit is certain to have a positive effect on your partner’s health!

For fun scenarios to try out, you be a nurse that is giving a patient a physical they will never forget or maybe try to help heal an injury using some rather unconventional methods! Check out our sexy nurse costumes here:


French Maid

Another role-play classic, the French maid outfit is easy to recognise with its skimpy black dress and white apron combo, often with a cute headpiece and some sort of naughty tickler or duster. Stockings and gloves are a poplar choice with this outfit too, which is all about teasing your other half until they cannot take it.

The naughty maid outfit also helps distinguish clear roles for your roleplaying adventures, with the classic master and maid dynamic being incredibly arousing for many. If you love being dominated then this is an especially worthwhile outfit and role to take on, while those that love having sex around the house can have a lot of fun with the different ‘cleaning’ scenarios at play!

A great role to try out with this outfit is the look but no touch rule. This tests your partners resolve, seeing how long they can go without touching the naughty French maid! For those that love to be dominated, you can take on various power play roles as a maid, perhaps getting punished for not cleaning well enough. Take a closer look at our naughty maid collection here:


Seductive Secretary

The seductive secretary is a great type of roleplay if your partner loves being the boss in the bedroom. You may not even need a special outfit for this, as a lot of what makes a seductive secretary you might already own!

Think formal wear turned naughty, with buttoned shirts, blouses, and narrow skirts all a common feature. keep things sexy underneath it all with seductive stockings, high heels, and maybe a cheeky silk tie for playing with later!

There are all kinds of fun scenarios you can try too, such as staying late to ‘work’ with the boss, taking charge of a naughty employer, or taking a job interview to a whole new level!


Sexy School Girl

Class is back in session with this timeless role playing outfit, which is perhaps one of the most popular around and for good reason! Short plaid skirts - or any short skirt in general - are a must for this outfit, often paired with knee high socks and a white shirt that just will not button all the way up!

Another great outfit for power play situations, there many directions you can take this role, such as being the naughty school girl looking to seduce her teacher or a submissive student being taught all sorts of kinky lessons by their teacher.

One thing that is so much fun about this role is the ability to use all kinds of props! Why not get a ruler out for a spot of spanking? The sexy school girl role-play can be played in several ways, from the rebel to the teacher’s pet!


Police Officer

For anyone that loves to take charge, taking on the powerful position of a police officer is certainly going to a fun role in the bedroom! You remain in the driving seat with this role, dressing up in some kinky cop outfits that typically resemble the classic cop look - just with a lot less uniform and a lot more flesh on display.

Woman playing role-play holding handcuffs

Of course, no police officer outfit is complete without the hat and handcuffs - the latter of which can be used in many interesting ways during your sexy play! This role is therefore perfect for anyone that has a fantasy involving some bondage, although just make sure your partner is on board with being bound with your handcuffs.


Remember to Have Fun!

No matter what role playing ideas you want to introduce into your sex life, just remember to have fun with it! You can feel silly doing this for the first time but once you let go of your inhibition and just role with the fun, things become even better.

Don’t be afraid to laugh or get really into your roles, going as far as your imagination takes you! There is no right or wrong way to roleplay, although trying some of these classic roles is a good place to start as the roles and things you can do are well defined so easy to follow.

Trust us when we say that taking the time to dress up and perform roles with your partner is a certain to add more passion and enthusiasm into your sex life and wider relationship.



Monday, November 23, 2020

Bondage Rope Sets - A Must-Have for the Bondage Connoisseur

Start with bondage ropes

Bondage ropes are often associated with the more extreme aspects of BDSM. They tend to conjure images of flexible people tied up into all kinds of crazy positions, like the hogtie, box tie, or ball tie.

A BDSM set that includes this type of bondage gear is certainly not suitable for beginners, as using rope requires some prior knowledge and understand to use correctly. Yes, we all need to start somewhere, which is why we recommend beginner bondage kits or handcuff bondage kits first!

Black Bondage Rope

For those with more experience, bondage rope is highly recommended. It takes the bondage play to an entirely different level, giving the opportunity to be bound in incredibly creative and kinky ways. You do need some flexibility and an understanding of how to safely use bondage rope though!

Make sure you are practicing your tying and knotting techniques long before you use them for real, while avoiding anything too advanced until you are more experienced using the topes. For the more advanced you may want to read this fantastic article on the world of Japanese rope bondage.

Using bondage rope with other bondage toys is a great way to up your bondage game. We have bondage sets that include rope and other sex toys like vibrators, clamps, ticklers, floggers, and more. These allow you to experience other parts of BDSM - like sensation play, spanking, dominance and submission - during bondage play.

This leads to all sorts of kinky nights in the bedroom as you explore the wider world of BDSM. Remember, they may not be for the faint of heart but if you have been trying bondage for a while and want to explore it further, these advanced bondage sets are a great option.

As always, safety is always important for bondage sets like these. The rope is designed specifically for bondage, so it doesn’t chafe or cut off circulation. These are made from various materials, ranging from synthetic to natural, so it is easy to find one that meets your needs.

Always have some scissors on stand by when using bondage rope - it never hurts to be extra safe!


Monday, November 2, 2020

Bondage Play - So what's it all about?

Bondage play is a subculture of BDSM that most of us are familiar with. It is the part that involves being voluntarily restrained by a partner for erotic pleasure, so if you’ve ever tried handcuffs or tying a partner to the bed, then you have dabbled in bondage play.

Image of woman's heel on mans chest

In fact, bondage is perhaps the most socially accepted aspect of BDSM. Most people have tried it to some extent, while it is widely portrayed in modern culture - there are countless TV shows, movies, and novels all describing the fun world of bondage.

This has led many people to want to experience all that bondage has to offer! We have seen it first hand, with our bondage sets and bondage toys being more popular than ever. These regularly outsell other BDSM sets and toys, highlighting just how many people are enjoying bondage!

It is easy to see why after all. Bondage is an incredibly erotic experience for all involved, with the act of being consensually bound a massive turn on for many, while those that do the restricting gain a lot of arousal from taking on a dominant role.

Bondage Play - Safety First, Sexiness Second

Of course, it is important to use the right bondage toys to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Yes, technically you can use all kinds of everyday objects for bondage but these are not always safe or comfortable, so it is vital that you use the right restraints designed specifically for bondage.

So, to ensure everyone is safe during their kinky adventures, we now offer a range of beginner bondage sets that provide all the best bondage toys. All products are safe for bondage play and you get exceptional value for money, with each bondage set including a range of awesome toys for you both to enjoy!


Beginner Bondage Set - The Perfect Place to Start Playing



We have some of the most varied bondage sets in the UK, with an awesome array of kinky bondage toys that are perfect for beginners. These include a wide selection of toys, including bondage restraints and some other sex toy goodies and bondage gear, giving you everything you need to start exploring bondage play.

Each one includes physical restraints, usually cuffs, which are easily attached to the wrists and/or ankles. Of course, that is only half the fun of bondage. This why the best bondage sets encourage you to try other aspects of BDSM by including toys like feather ticklers, floggers, and whips.

Some also include bondage gear alongside the bondage toys. These add even more spice to bondage, such as using a neck cuff to establish clear dominate and submissive roles as you indulge each other in bondage.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Plus Size Lingerie - Our Top 5 Best Selling Items

Here at SeriouslySensual we have an expansive range of sexy plus size lingerie that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you want to treat yourself to a delicate negligee, are buying for a special someone, or just fancy a new look to your lingerie, our plus size lingerie collection has you covered.

Finding sexy plus-size underwear in the UK is not always easy. Many retailers lack the same varied choice for their plus size lingerie as their standard lingerie, which doesn’t sit right with us. Everyone deserves to look and feel sexy in plus size lingerie regardless of shape or size, which is why we are proud to stock one of the most diverse plus size lingerie collections in the UK

Of course, having so many options can also make finding the best lingerie difficult. People want different things when buying their underwear, with some looking for cheap lingerie for the largher lady while others are looking to wow someone with plus size see through lingerie, so it helps to know a few things before buying!

Here is a quick guide of the some of the best lingerie options for plus size women:

Romantic Plus Lingerie

When we think of romantic lingerie it is anything that exudes class, elegance, and sophistication. Common colours include beautiful reds, pinks, and whites that give that classic romantic vibe, leaving you looking great and feeling more confident than ever.

Comfort is also important here, with support being a key component of any plus size lingerie garment. Bras provide the perfect balance of style and support, combining delicate fabrics like lace and satin with robust underwiring and/or padding to ensure you feel cute but comfortable.

Consider our Shapewear Lingerie

Shapewear is a popular type of garment found in our plus size lingerie collection. AS the name suggests, these items are designed to shape areas of the body you may find unflattering, helping to create a naturally sexy shape.

Figure-hugging fabrics provide ample comfort and support, while also helping to achieve a desired shape for the body. These garments let you create the perfect silhouette for every outfit, enhancing your curves in all the right way to leave you feeling more confident than ever.

Plus Size Nightwear

Many people overlook their nightwear collection when buying plus size lingerie but it is well worth adding a few pieces to your drawer! Our plus size nightwear come in various styles, from naughty negligees to luxurious robes, so its easy to find the perfect garment for your night-time activities.

These range from sexy plus size lingerie to cute and comfortable nightwear classics, so whether you want to feel seductively sexy or nice and relaxed before bedtime, be sure to check put our plus size nightwear range.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

The focus of our plus size lingerie collection, these garments are all about making you look at your sexy, seductive best. Think any item that will drive your partner wild with anticipation and set pluses racing when you hit the bedroom.

Our sexy plus size underwear is as varied as it gets, with everything from bodystockings to chemises to baby dolls to bra and pantie sets. We have countless colours, fabrics, and designs to choose from, with styles focusing on highlighting curves in all the best way while minimising any unflattering areas.

But don’t take our word for it - check out five our best plus size lingerie items below!




There is something simply seductive about this gorgeous black bodystocking. Designed for plus sized ladies, especially those that are taller, the bodystocking leaves little to the imagination, with the slinky fishnet style essentially transparent.

The cute halter neck design draws attention to bust while leaving much of the back exposed. You can combine it with lingerie like a bra and thong, although it looks even more daring when worn without anything else on!





The baby doll is perhaps one of the best types of lingerie for plus size women. It finds the right balance between figure-hugging and loose hanging, creating a gorgeous silhouette that highlights a curvy body in all the best ways.

This beautiful baby doll is no exception, featuring a sultry black stretch material with cute pink or red lace trim. Hanging seductively around the thighs, the baby doll’s cups feature an alluring sheer material that gives a little tease underneath without revealing too much - we guarantee it will drive your partner wild with anticipation!





There is something timelessly sexy about black hold-ups. No matter your height or build, a set of slinky hold ups on your legs will always be sexy, which is why it is one of our must-have garments for any size of lingerie.

These hold ups come with beautiful floral lace trim at the top, with two silicone straps on the inside. The great thing about these hold ups is how versatile they are - you can easily use them as a sexy treat in the bedroom or as part of an outfit for a special occasion.





Corsets are another great option for plus size lingerie, providing ample support while helping to shape the body. The drawn in centre of this beautiful white corset will enhance the bust like few garments can, so if you want to show them off then there are fewer types of lingerie better suited for the job!

Moreover, the corset laces up at the back, allowing you to create a smaller silhouette around the waist. Again, this is another versatile garment that can be paired up with other erotic plus size lingerie or worn as part of an outfit depending on the desired look.

Buy the CORSET WHITE - X31044WHT here:




Much like the baby doll, the chemise is a figure flattering garment, with this slinky black fishnet piece being one of our favourites. This is quite an alluring item, with a short bottom that sits seductively around the thighs, while the halter neck design draws all eyes to the centre.

The collar comes with cute rhinestone detailing, and you combine the garment with other underwear or wear it with nothing else - it depends how tempting a look you want to create!



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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Bondage Restraints - Tied Up Sex

While the quality of the novel/movie series Fifty Shades of Grey is certainly up for debate, it is hard to deny the massive influence they have had on modern culture.

Obviously, the novels and subsequent films were not the first to depict BDSM, particularly bondage, in fiction, yet they are certainly responsible for bringing it into the mainstream. We seen it ourselves, with sales of BDSM toys and bondage gear sky rocketing alongside sales of the books.

In fact, it is safe to say that many people would never have had tried bondage - or lots of other kinky stuff - without Fifty Shades of Grey. For that reason alone, it gets a big thumbs up from us here at SeriouslySensual.

So, if you are one of the many people that is looking to experience all the fun and excitement of bondage, you have come to the right place. Our bondage shop has all the bondage equipment you could ever need to get started, with products to suit all your wildest kinks and fantasies.

Of course, you can only get so far with buying new BDSM sex toys and bondage restraints - you need to know how to use the first!


Finding the Right Bondage Positions

Just a quick search online of bondage positions shows just how much variety there is. There are countless positions for each partner to enjoy, any of which could be to your liking. While these may seem initially daunting, you will quickly learn the ropes after a few tries - practice makes perfect!

Being tied to bed missionary style is a classic sex position is ideal for bondage beginners. One person lies down missionary position and is restrained to the bed via the headboard or bedposts. The other starts with some teasing/foreplay before initiating the sex, taking on a dominant role while their partner is restrained.

Another interesting position is the rough rider. As the name suggests, this focuses on sensation play, namely some minor pain. It isn’t too extreme, with just some rough friction on the friction using fingernails or teeth.

Females get on top, start riding into a pleasurable rhythm, then ask the partner to rough the skin around the breasts, thighs, or any sweet spot where you love being touched. They can also use some soft biting around the nipple, neck, or ears - it’s all about mixing the pleasure of sex with a bit of roughness.

If you love doggy style sex, then we have some awesome BDSM toys to make this even more enjoyable. Whoever is on all fours simply puts on a blindfold and lets their partner take charge. By losing vision you submit control to your partner, while not being able to see helps to build excitement and anticipation.


5 Best Bondage Gear best sellers

Before you buy any BDSM sex toys, remember to talk to your partner. Communication is essential for a good BDSM experience, so make sure to talk openly about what you both want, consenting to the use of any toys before you buy.

Furthermore, once you buy some toys make sure to try them out in a non-sex environment. For instance, if you buy a spanking paddle or leather whip, practice using it on a pillow to get the right movements and force.

If buying bondage restraints like sex cuffs or bed ties, practice putting them and removing them. Also, make sure you both know how to quickly remove them in case of an accident or emergency - it always helps to be prepared!

So, whatever bondage toys you buy, make sure you do some research and practice before using them for real. Now let’s look at some of the best bondage equipment for tied up sex in the bedroom:




This pink and black collar and leash set lets you experience classic bondage gear that is perfect for some roleplaying fun in the bedroom. The collar and leash combo lets you define clear submissive and dominant roles, which are a core component of BDSM, not to mention being incredibly arousing.

Of course, with restraints around the neck you need to be careful, so this BDSM gear is designed with beginners in mind. The collar is padded for extra comfort and simple to adjust. Simply attach the leash to the D-ring and start leading the wearer around the bedroom for some kinky roleplaying like nothing else.




It is common for people that have tried bondage to want to incorporate other aspects of BDSM into their sex lives. Impact play is one of the most popular options in this regard, with BDSM toys like spanking paddles perfect for this.

Featuring a rounded head and spacious impact surface this sex paddle is another great option for people experimenting with impact play. It comes with a soft leather side that is ideal for gentler impact play, while the studded sign is suitable for anyone looking to take things up a level!





Nipple clamps may appear as an extreme BDSM sex toy but they are actually quite mild compared to some of the more hardcore gear used. Nipple clamps provide a nice form of sensation play, so when combined with bondage you get to experience a sensory overload while being dominated.

These press clamps are suitable for all experience levels, with the adjustable setting let you choose the right pressure for your or your partners comfort level. The chain connecting the clamps also offers subtle sensory stimulation - try using a blindfold for a sensory overload!





Why settle for just one piece of bondage equipment when you can buy several BDSM toys at once! This bondage set has everything you need to explore the world of BDSM, making it easy to find out what turns you on the most - you might find all of it does the trick!

You can start with the bondage ties, which are soft satin restraints that are great for getting tied to bed with. If you want to up things from there, you can use the blindfold for a spot of sensory play - use this with massage oil, massage candle, and a tickler for a sensory overload!





Find yourself liking bondage ties and want to up your game? Then look no further than this incredible bed restraint kit that includes bondage handcuffs, sex cuffs for the ankles, and for being tied to the bed (or other furniture).

While it may seem like an advanced piece of bondage gear, it is surprisingly easy to use and comes with instructions for how to safely use it. Once you are comfortable using the sex restraints, try throwing on the blindfold for sensory stimulation like never before!



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